Domain Expiration and Renewal

Domain Expiration and Renewal

As an ICANN-accredited registrar, we comply with the Expired Domain Deletion Policy  and Expired Registration Recovery Policy.

We have prepared this page to help you understand how domain expiration and renewals work, the timings and your options.


Renewal Prices

All domain registration and renewal prices are listed on our price list.



Our payment methods are explained on the Service Site.


Before Expiration

Every domain has a renewal setting that you can change at any time before the domain expires:


Auto-renew - we will attempt to renew the domain when it expires

Auto-delete - we will delete the domain after it expires


Regardless of the setting, we will notify you by email to the registered email address as listed in your account owner profile (NOT the contact information associated with the domains) of any domains expiring:


in about 1 month

in about 1 week

in about 5 days


For domains that you have elected to auto-renew, our system will attempt to deduct payment for the renewal using one of the supported payment methods. This will happen within a time frame of several hours before expiration to 24 hours after expiration, depending on the registry.


After Expiration

You may renew a domain at any time before it expires by signing in to the control panel.

If a domain is not renewed by the time it expires — either because you have elected auto-delete in its renewal setting, or we were unable to deduct payment for the renewal — the following sequence of events will occur:

Once the domain has expired, we will deactivate the domain by changing the set of name servers such that DNS resolution will be disrupted.

After the *Failure Period, we will delete the domain from the registry.

In most cases, this will begin Deletion Restorable Period at the registry, whereby the domain will not resolve, but it is possible to restore the domain. To restore a domain, please contact us.

At any time within the Failure Period, you may renew the domain by signing in to the control panel and make payment for the renewal.


*Failure Period:

The Failure Period is a specified number of calendar days until the system will delete a domain that will not be renewed (e.g. in case of renewal mode AUTOEXPIRE/AUTODELETE or because of missing funds) Please contact us for more detail.


**Deletion Restorable Period:

The Delete Restorable Period is the period in which a deleted domain can still be restored at the registry. Please contact us for more detail.