New TLD Process FAQs

What are nTLDs, new TLDs, or new gTLDs?

ICANN, the authoritative governing body for generic Top-Level-Domains (gTLDs) like .COM, .NET and .ORG, has decided to allow more gTLDs to work on the Internet. ICANN is accepting applications for these new gTLDs and will vet them though a rigorous process before approving any of them. Collectively, TLDs for which applications are being made with ICANN for approval are being called nTLDs, new TLDs, and/or new gTLDs.

Why are new TLDs important?

These new top-level-domains will cover and service three important online needs. First is to broaden the number of generic categories that the existing TLDs do not cover - .MAIL, .SHOP, and more. Second will be for geographic TLDs, specifically, city TLDs like .PARIS and .NYC to be a platform for greater localization of the Internet. Lastly, there is a push for more community TLDs like .ECO for those interested in the environment or .GAY for members of the gay and lesbian community. There is tremendous opportunity to localize and expand the Internet as well as make money for those entrepeneurial enough to pre-register these valuable domains when released.

When will the first set of new TLDs be available?

The first set of new top-level domains will likely be available at the start of 2013. By pre-registering your domains now, you will automatically recieve PSI Japan's regular notifications as well as news about the new TLDs in general. Pre-registration is free so don't hesitate to load your domains today! So, how soon can I pre-register for some of the new TLDs? PSI Japan is already taking pre-registerations for many of the new TLDs. The early registration allows PSI Japan to provide clients with up to the minute notifications on the domains they are interested in. More importantly, pre-registeration ensures registration deadlines are not missed as long as all the notifcations are properly followed. Don't miss out on the opportunity - pre-register your new TLD domains today!

What is the cost of pre-registering?

FREE - there is no cost in pre-registering new TLDs at PSI Japan. The week before any new TLD is about to be launched, PSI Japan will notify customers of the amount of funds they would need to cover all their potential registrations if all of them were successful. At that time, it would be the customer's responsibility to ensure that their account is properly funded in case PSI Japan is able to register all their pre-registrations. Unsuccessful pre-registrations will immediately result in refunds.

Can a pre-registration be cancelled?

A pre-registration can be cancelled at anytime up until the last 24 hours before the general release of a new TLD. Pre-registrations in pending status cannot be cancelled. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that any pre-registrations they wish to cancel are deleted prior to the final 24 hour non-cancellation period.

How many pre-registrations are allowed per customer or reseller?

There is no limit.

What is the annual registration price for the new TLDs?

Pricing information will be provided and emailed to customers as soon as pricing for a new TLD is available from the respective registry. Please ensure the email address used to pre-register a domain is one that is checked regularly to ensure that notifications are not missed.

Should trademark holders pre-register new TLDs?

Though most trademark holders will have the opportunity to defensively register their domain with the respective registry during the Sunrise period for a new TLD, PSI Japan advises pre-registering so that customers can at least still be notified on a regular basis.

Is a pre-registeration binding?

No. Pre-registering a domain is free and can be either cancelled or even ignored by the customer if they so desire. During the last week prior to a new TLD's release, the customer or reseller will be required to fund their PSI Japan account to cover any potential registrations. Customers who wish to ignore their pre-registrations can simply not fund their account. For those that do have active operating funds in their account, cancelling domains is required to ensure that funds are not held in reserve for use of potential registration of their pre-registrations.