Resell Pre-Registrations

  • Resell Pre-registration of New Domain Releases
  • Resell Pre-registration of New TLDs
  • Access to New Domains Months/Years earlier
  • Continual Reseller Notications and Updates



The cost of marketing and aquiring new customers has been rising.  However, to grow your business, reaching and converting new customers is key.  A well-known and low cost strategy to get new customers is to get to customers early with a new service or product.  This is called the first-mover advantage.

Domain registries around the world are often releasing new domain offerings, for example, specialities like IDNs (internationalized domain names).  Additionally, ICANN has authorized the release of many new TLDs to be available in the coming years. Right now is the opportunity to engage and speak to new customers about the exciting new domains that are just on the horizon.  All of PSI Japan's resellers have access to the pre-registration system either via API, Modules (WHMCS, AWBS) and or the Web Control Panel.

Early Pre-registration Access and Information

  • PSI Japan is known for being fast to market on new TLD and domain offerings - so be ahead of the competition.
  • Information on future releases is constantly being delivered - resellers can be better prepared with their own marketing and sales.
  • Pre-registration service availabilty allows resellers to start acquiring pre-orders faster than the competion.

Pre-registration is Free for all Resellers

  • Resellers have complete access to all PSI Japan pre-registration services, FREE of charge
  • Pre-registrations can be deleted up to 24 hours before any TLD release
  • Intelligent deposit system reserves funds for possible registration success of a pre-registration prior to TLD release
  • Pre-registrations that are unsuccessful have their deposits returned - simple, fast, and automatic

Free Pre-Registration Tools and Support

  • Quickly and easily see all pre-registrations in your account via PSI Japan's Web Control Panel
  • Real-time updates on the status of all pre-registrations in an account
  • Completely automated pre-registration deposit and refund system - makes funding and refunding pre-registrations easy
  • Free support from PSI Japan support on all pre-registration related issues