PSI Japan Control Panel

PSI Japan's web control panel is one of the domain industry's most comprehensive browser-based domain management interfaces.  The control panel was designed to make managing domains simple and easy, whether that is a few domains or a few thousand.  Every customer and reseller is given free access to their own web control panel.

HIGHLIGHTS: Completely FREE Built-in Reseller System Full and Comprehensive Functionality

Complete Functionality:

  • Registration
  • Renewal
  • Transfer In
  • Transfer Out
  • Contact Handles
  • Nameservers
  • Forwarding
  • DNS Management
  • Pre-registrations
  • Domain Backordering
  • Whois Identity Protection
  • Local Presence Trustee
  • Domain Locking
  • Domain Alerts
  • SSL Certificates
  • Virtual Servers
  • Account Management
  • Account Setting Customization
  • Account Invoices/Billing
  • Domain Tools
  • Marketing Tools
  • Free Support Wiki Access
  • Support Ticket System
  • Sub-reseller System

List Driven Design:

A list driven design allows customers and resellers to quickly review and manage their domains in a single view.  In addition, working on domains in bulk is far faster and simplier.  PSI Japan's control panel is highly intuitive and efficient, so that the end user can get to or achieve what they want to do quicker.

Reseller System / Customer Management:

With a built-in reseller system and customer management module, anyone can easily resell domains and services from PSI Japan for a big profit.  Adding customers is simple and, once created, the reseller system automatically handles and provisions the new customer account under the reseller.  Resellers can even add their own pricing plans and charge whatever they would like through the interface.  Customers are easily managed through the list driven design including the ability to log into their account with a single click.