Resell SSL Certificates

  • Resell Every Major SSL Brand
  • Resell Every Major Type of SSL Certificate
  • Resellers can Define Their Own Prices
  • Automated and Simple for Resellers



SSL certificates secure and encrypt data transmitted over the Internet. With over 225 million domains worldwide, reselling SSL certificates represents a massive opportunity. Certificates are in high demand and are one of the highest margin add-on products available. PSI Japan offers its resellers the industry's top four leading SSL brands: Thawte, Symantec, GeoTrust, and Comodo.

Access to the Major SSL Brands and Certificates

  • Resellers can resell Comodo certificates.
  • Resellers can resell Thawte certificates.
  • Resellers can resell Symantec certificates.
  • Resellers can resell Geotrust certificates.

Free SSL Certificate Services for Resellers

  • Free completely "paperwork-less" process
  • Free reporting to make management easier
  • Free SSL Management Tools
  • Free Support Center
  • FREE Web Interface Console
  • Free APIs

SSL Reseller Features

  • Industry leading SSL Certificates
  • Ultra-competitive Wholesale Pricing
  • Completely automated process making it simple for resellers
  • APIs allow for remote access and management of SSL Certificates